We're two best friends and Wordpress blog designers, dedicating a business to designing for awesome bloggers around the world. Our clients aren't average bloggers. They're brands and people that put their heart and sole into their writing and want a blog design thats uniquely them.

We craft 100% custom blog designs that delight. They produce more subscribers, make it more appealing to advertisers and above all, make you proud of your blog design.

Wordpress Blog Designers

Why Wordpress?

The extremely popular Wordpress blogging system allows us to create the most customized blog designs on any platform. Wordpress blog designs are well documented, powerful and offer no design limitations.

Above all, we make sure that your Wordpress blog design is secure, coded professionally and is up to date with the most powerful software.

Work with the most experienced Wordpress blog designers

We started out designing websites long before we were designing blogs. After writing our own blogs (I must confess that we both have some pretty average writing skills) we fell in love with Wordpress.

Today as a dedicated blog designer studio, we're some of the most experienced Wordpress blog designers around. The opportunity to work with bloggers from Australia, the US, Canada and other countries around the world means that we?re always improving and coming up with truly unique blog designs.

100% Customised Blog Designs

Your blog design is 100% customized to your taste. We start our design process by speaking with you and working out what you're after in a new design.

For some that means checking our sites and blogs that you love and for others it's a matter of presenting different ideas on colour, layout, logos and many different design elements and seeing what you like.

At the end of the day we want to make sure that you're blown away with your custom blog design.